AIGS Canada Announces The Launch Of Its Not-For-Profit To Advance AI Governance and Safety

Wyatt Tessari L'Allié, Mario Gibney
AIGS Canada logo

OTTAWA, ON, April 1, 2023 – AIGS Canada today announces the launch of its new not-for-profit to advance artificial intelligence (AI) governance and safety. AIGS Canada is a cross-partisan network that advocates for AI governance and promotes safety research. AIGS Canada is a community represented by members of academia, industry, public service and civil society, across the country.

The cross-partisan organization aims to establish a shared community for discussion and collaboration, and provide every major stakeholder with the awareness, connections and support they need to take effective action.

“We are pleased to be the first organization in the country dedicated to the safe development of advanced AI systems,” said Founder and Executive Director Wyatt Tessari. “Our goal is to establish ourselves as the leading authority on the subject of AI governance and safety, while connecting community members with resources and information.”

“After spending time in the tech industry, we noticed a lack of resources being allocated to AI safety and sought to change that,” added Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships Mario Gibney. “We believe AI can be incredibly beneficial for society, offering new solutions for healthcare and climate change, among others, but we know that it also comes with considerable risks that must be addressed.”

AIGS Canada will focus on community growth in its first year, while lobbying government and building a robust national leadership network.

About AIGS Canada:

AIGS Canada is a cross-partisan not-for-profit that advocates for AI governance and promotes safety research. We believe the development of advanced AI technology can be safe and beneficial for all, but comes with considerable risks that must be addressed. We work across sectors and political affiliations to catalyse Canada’s leadership in ensuring the necessary technical and governance solutions are in place.

For further information: Media Contact: Tieja MacLaughlin,, Tel: (855) 944-3866

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