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About Us

Who we are

Launched in August 2022, AIGS is a growing network of over 120 people in academia, industry, public service and civil society across Canada.

We care deeply about the risks and opportunities presented by the development of advanced AI systems, and have two core objectives:

  1. Establish a shared community for discussion & collaboration, and
  2. Provide every major stakeholder with the awareness, connections, and support they need to take effective action.

What We Do


We believe in improving the state of the Canadian AI Safety community by making it easier for newcomers to learn and get involved and supporting experts already taking direct action.

AIGS shares resources and events to accelerate those looking to educate themselves on AGI Safety, our co-working and meetup groups provide a support structure to full- and part-time workers, and our slack community connects all members and acts as a platform for discussion and collaboration.


With Bill C-27, Canada is just beginning to write its laws on the development and implementation of AI systems.

By building connections with all major stakeholders, from lawmakers, to think tanks, to business professionals, AIGS seeks to encourage sensible and effective regulation that positions Canada as a leader in the development of safe general-purpose AI technologies.

The Team

Wyatt Tessari L’Allié

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Ottawa, ON

Mario Gibney

Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships

Toronto, ON

Interim Board of Advisors

Briana Brownell


Saskatoon, SK

Evan R. Murphy


Vancouver, BC