AIGS submits comprehensive Bill C-27 recommendations

AIGS Canada Bill C-27 Brief

Today, AIGS Canada submitted its written brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry and Technology, containing detailed recommendations for improving the AI & Data Act portion of Bill C-27.

At 22 pages, it is the most comprehensive and forward-looking of the briefs submitted to committee on the AIDA so far.

Part I addresses what Canada needs AI legislation for in the first place, and explains the evolving AI landscape, the role for legislation, legislation in the EU and US, and gaps in Canadian law requiring an AI & Data Act.

Part II provides detailed amendments to improve the Act, which fall under these categories:

  • Use four risk tiers with baseline definitions, and keep the requirements proportionate to the risks
  • Fix critical loopholes in the Act
  • Provide government the authority, agility, and capacity to govern AI effectively

Part III, the specific wording to use in the Bill, will be submitted as an addendum once the wording from the Minister’s amendments have been made public.

AIGS Canada invites all stakeholders, from government officials to industry leaders and concerned citizens, to engage with the insights provided in this Brief. By working together and adopting these recommendations in the AI & Data Act, Canada can protect its citizens, encourage responsible innovation, and solidify its leadership in AI governance.

The submission is available for download on the AIGS Canada website and can be accessed free of charge.

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