Expanded Board of Directors to lead AIGS Canada into 2024

Photo with AIGS Canada’s new board members

AI Governance & Safety Canada is delighted to announce that it has expanded its Board of Directors from 3 to 7 with highly qualified professionals from across Canada.

As a growing organisation in a very dynamic field, this will ensure that AIGS has the diversity of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives, to effectively guide it into 2024 and beyond.

Deepy Sur, MSW, PhD, RSW (Brampton, ON) is the CEO of the Ontario Association of Social Workers, an adjunct clinical professor at McMasters, and a practising clinician, bringing both a strong track record of nonprofit leadership and a keen interest in the mental health impacts of AI.

Gordon Vala-Webb (Kitchener, ON) is an innovation thought leader and award-winning knowledge management practitioner with decades of experience in the private sector and as a former Policy Advisor for the Ontario Cabinet Office. He is the author of Building Smarter Organizations, and brings a keen interest in the impacts of AI.

Timothy Yeung (Vancouver, BC) is a passionate product manager, UBC instructor, and long-time nonprofit Board president with an MBA and a degree in accounting. He brings a keen interest in Ethical Product Management, and wants to see Canada live up to its potential on ethical AI governance, delivering value-driven AI products with positive human outcomes.

Sarah Hamel (Toronto, ON) is an industry-recognized senior leader in the financial sector, with expertise in Data Analytics, Data Management and Data Governance. She is the AVP of Data Strategy & Management at TD Financial Group. She also brings years of experience in nonprofit leadership roles at Ascend Canada and other diversity leadership programs.

Geoff White (Chelsea, QC) is a lawyer, non-profit leader and on-call firefighter, with a long record of public interest advocacy as Executive Director for the Competitive Network Operators of Canada, and as Director at the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services. He holds law degrees from Windsor and Oxford, and an MBA.

Founding Board member Briana Brownell will be stepping down in her official capacity due to personal commitments, but will remain an active member of the AIGS community. Evan R. Murphy and Wyatt Tessari L’Allié will continue in their Board roles.

We are excited to see the direction and growth this new board can bring to AIGS!

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