AIGS unveils updated recommendations for Canada in 2024/25


AI Governance & Safety Canada, a nonpartisan not-for-profit dedicated working to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) is safe and beneficial for all, is proud to announce the release of their 2024 update to “Governing AI: A Plan for Canada.”. This timely and concise document represents a collaborative effort of experts and members across Canada, all committed to shaping the future of AI for the benefit of Canadians and humanity at large.

“At AI Governance & Safety Canada, we started our journey with a singular question in mind: ‘What can we do in Canada, and from Canada, to ensure positive AI outcomes?’” states Wyatt Tessari L’Allié, Founder and Executive Director of AIGS.

“AI technologies have the potential to bring transformative changes to our society, but with those opportunities come significant responsibilities. It is our shared duty to ensure that we think ahead about where AI is headed and what kind of future we want to build with it”.

This new white paper offers an up-to-date and concise overview of the evolving risk landscape in AI and considerations for AI governance, and concludes with five practical actions that the Canadian government can take today.

AIGS Canada invites all stakeholders, from government officials to industry leaders and concerned citizens, to engage with the insights provided in “Governing AI: A Plan for Canada.” By working together and adopting these recommendations, Canada can solidify its leadership in AI governance and contribute to a global AI ecosystem that reflects the values and principles of its citizens.

The white paper is available for download on the AIGS Canada website and can be accessed free of charge.

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