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Darren McKee



A Senior Policy Advisor with over 15 years experience across a broad range of domains, including science and technology, behavioural science, and foresight, Darren has been following artificial intelligence and related issues for years, exploring AI language models, image generators, deepfakes and their social implications. In 2021, he co-authored a chapter on AI and Autonomy in the book “Westworld Psychology,” as well as two academic publications. Darren has a Master of Science (Experimental Psychology) and a Master of Public Administration (Global Governance concentration)

In addition to his advising and research on AI, McKee is the host of the international award-winning podcast The Reality Check—a top 0.5% podcast and has been downloaded over 4 million times. On the show, he has presented hundreds of diverse topics related to science and critical thinking.

As advanced AI affects everyone, Darren believes there needs to be more accessible explorations of the topic. To address the current gap, Darren will be releasing an engaging book on AI risk in November, intended for a non-technical audience.